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Stuck fighting the same opponent-miserable game

So I seem to only be able to draw “***” who has obvioulsy pushed himself down to a 2222 ranking yet is fielding 19th level characters in PVP. So my ranking gets crushed by 50 pts per, I cant possibly win so I cant get a chest, and he is playing the heroic garbage so his ranking will never increase and I will keep getting him and losing 50. So I am shut out until this guy goes to bed! Just such a dumpster fire of a game.


Same horror today. Same opponent 6 times in a row. They are superior(all 16s to my 13-15s), 300 pts LOWER than me, and are getting all the breaks. . The problem is he is playing the %@#! TOM, so his score isn’t rising. So I will keep taking huge losses just trying to get a chest!

How can he be my only matchup with a 300pt difference?

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