Stuck in a tutorial


the game crashed just as i had finished a run. when i reloaded i noticed i had a new necklace so i equipped it. then the game decided to give me a tutorial about how to equip that necklace. now i’m stuck there. the game is waiting for me to drag the item onto my character but since i’ve already equipped it i’m unable to do so. i’ve tried reloading, clearing my cache and data and reinstalling the game to no avail. i’m always presented with that tutorial with no way to satisfy its’ conditions or back out of it. any ideas other than starting again on a different account?
hope you can get it sorted, it seems like a good game from what i’ve seen of it.


Hey osbourne, I’m sorry to hear that happened and our team is currently looking into this issue. Reach out to our staff here at with your support key so they can assist you further with this.