Stuck in Arena 5 (2200-2300)


Trying to force my way into arena 6, but I seem to have found a hard hurdle here. I’m constantly being worked over by teams with level 15+ dinos.

I try to get out and explore my area for DNA as often as possible. I can take advantage of the park supply drops as well, but there seems to be a low variety of dinos in my area living and work areas.

Any suggestions on how I can adjust my team to increase my chances on getting to arena 6?


i would take the two raptors and put the pyri and the stego. also try working more towards the tanks, they will take you to the next arena


Yeah I’m trying to work on a Stegoceratops mainly (that’s why I have the stego just sitting at level 10). That and a Nodopatosaurus (same situation with the apato).


yeah good choice, but still try out those dinos even if they are level 10, it might surprise you. the raptors era is over imo