Stuck in Arena 7

Hi all,

Just joined the forumn looking for some advice please…

I can’t seem to get out of Arena 7. I got my indo about 2 days ago. Any advice on how I can change my team/ what to level / what legendary or uniques to start working towards?

Thanks all!

As I can only post 1 picture at a time this is a bit more info

I would chance stegod for monostegotops at first

And focus on allosino or uthasino. Allosino is easier to get an unique hybrid with.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go, Sino is hard to get where I am, only get them in the featured weekends!

Level them tp 20 and you will out arena 7.

Saw two wild Sinos yesterday after few months. Darted first one, but sadly could dart the second.

EDIT: I prefer to use Utahsino as it’s more versatile due to its speed.

Your main problem currently is lack of levels of your dinos. It mean in same dinos matchups you always go second and also your dinos do less damage as those already leveled up.

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Level your Suchotator to 19, switch your mono for Stego and maybe your pyro for your allosino…definitely the first two I suggested. I’m pretty firmly in arena 8 and I’ve got 19’s and 20’s mostly. It’s just a process, but as I’ve learned from these boards often just one team change can mean several hundred trophy’s.

Your team is significantly better and higher level than mine and I’m hovering just at 3400. Suchotator is higher than yours at 20. 6 of your team I dont even have yet. But I have a level 18 dracorex gen 2 that destroys people. If it gets buffed I’ll probably drop down some. Also, you could use a spinotasuchus too.

Dont feel rushed to advance. It doesn’t really help the gaming experience to rise quickly, in fact it hurts it. Take your time, enjoy your varied dinos and advance your skill

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2 raptors + paramoloch are too many quick dinos IMO. I removed paramoloch from my squad after the update. I would bring in stegodeus and allosinosaurus and try to bring levels a bit higher, that lvl 16 is too fragile.

Wow, with a team like that you should be good enough to be at least in Arena 8… Mine isn’t much better and I’m around 3900 - 4100 (Arenas 8 and 9)… Well, Indo will probably take you there soon x]

Add stegod, tany back to your team. The damage the hybrid bird does in this level is very minimal. Try it if it doesn’t work out upgrade the other dinos. It looks like you have a few on the bench. Gorgosuchus does a lot of damage in my experience. Try battles with combinations and discover your team I know that means you have to lose battles but I try that now and then. It has worked out for me

Don’t know whether this helped. :slight_smile:

I’d bench Monostego and Paramoloch and add Stegod and Gorgosuchus… Gorgo is a monster if you use it right

Stegod in paramoloch out and you are good to go. You have 2 tanks. You need at least 3. You have a level 19 stegod so why not it in. Paramoloch is annoyung at times but against immunity or slow it just has too low damage