Stuck in exploration

The battle freezes when too many dragon skills are performed at the same time, and the battle screen below get dimmed. Before the update, this can be resolved by changing it to “AUTO” mode and change it back off again if you want to fight it manually, but after the update, this wont work. Perhaps they need to fix this. Unfortunately for me, I spent 300 runes tried to pass this stage with got stuck in 4/4 stage and force me to flee!


I got the same issue, Support Ticket was send but Problem still exists.

I’m getting it too and it’s getting really annoying. Only option is to flee and waste your energy. Happens several times a day in both quests and the main explore. Contacted support and got silence back. Oh, and I still don’t have my toothless trust either.

I‘m shocked. This hasn‘t happened to me yet but combined with the new duty „Defeat 50 dragons in exploration“ it‘s a desaster.