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Stuck in Loading screen 8/24

Hay Ludia,

Since i switch phones (from htc m9 to my new samsung galaxy 9) i run often into a new problem.

Sometimes i stuck in the loading screen 8/24 reading position?
It happens on mobile data and wlan.
Everything else ( youtube facebook games) still work.

Restarting the game isnt helping most oft the time.
A complet handy restart works most of the time, but not always.

Any idea what i could do against this?
Restarting the phone cant be the true thung…

Hey Michi_Reischl, there are some additional troubleshooting steps here that could help as well: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
Also, try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then reboot your game. If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, reach out to our team here at, and our team can investigate. Thanks!

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