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Stuck in Sorna... new strategy


First of all, it’s always been my belief that to enjoy a builder-type/level-up game, it helps a lot if you can see evidence of and enjoy (at least for a little bit) your accomplishments. This seems to be a problem with modern games. So much attention goes into balancing game-play, but so little into letting us savor a hard-earned win. I first noticed this in Skyrim. All the mobs scaled in level with the protagonist, so when you returned later to a starting zone, the mobs were still “challenging” and thus there was no sense of “Yeeeep, been there and beat it, go me!”

To further illustrate (in this game), I earned my Stegodeus the hard way… FTP grinding with most hybrid DNA mix results being a 10, naturally, but I’m not bitter. I thought, “gee, now maybe I’ll whoop up on someone in a battle!” What I found, naturally, was a level 18 Stegodeus waiting for me in the very first match-up. Second match-up, a level 17 I-Rex (which I didn’t have yet) ate me for lunch (I hadn’t learned yet to use shield for them). Therefore… all that work to get something special that ends up, at best, keeping me on par with the lower half of the pack. I wouldn’t want to deny anyone else their own enjoyment from their own accomplishments (If I wanted a game with a level playing field, id play chess or checkers), but gee, whoop-te-do, all that work just to make higher-level dino kibble.

The Strategy???

It’s pretty frustrating when my dino team averages lvl 17, and all the starters I see for eight battles in a row are 20+. Typically, that’s going to be a no-win, or at least a hard-win resulting from lucky stun rolls. I used to just cycle my dinos so my opponent would get it over with more quickly when it starts to just look silly. [[[hey dev’s, could we get an “I give up, you win” button?]]] But now, I learned a new way to sometimes win…

Milk the timer. Nothing takes a power-gamer off their rhythm more than forcing them to wait 20 seconds for each thing that happens in a battle. If they’re swiping and min/maxing to rush up the rankings as fast as possible, I can assure you this gets their goat, and increases the odds they’ll do something stupid. Legit strategy, no matter how much you may hate it.

For the record… free-to-play vs pay-to-win. Does anyone else here miss the days of just plopping down $50 for a game you want to play, and just let the rest work itself out in-game? I’d happily pay $50 or more to get a game I think I want.


I’ll be paying £100 for a game next Friday but I’d never pay that much for a mobile game like this


Really miss it.

Also miss the money going to the programmers. I don’t think this multi million earning game has a single full time programmer to fix or develop. Instead they get bounced around games and waste time relearning the code each time.


Whew… 100 pounds? What’s the game?

I’d pay money for a mobile app. I especially think they hit the nail on the head making use of GPS positioning like this…primary advantage a phone has over a PC. I’d really like to see something that works on all platforms: use the raw power of a PC for first person gaming and customization, and run out with the cell phone to go on DNA hunts to beef up your resources.


Black ops with season pass included I’m a zombie fan so I’ve been waiting ages for this


I was also floating around 3100-3200s for weeks.
Luckily , thanks to Alanqua, i finally got a medicine for Indominus rex.
Now, I am floating around 3500-3700s. :smiley:


In this game the only way to level up sorna is pay, i’m in sorna for 8 weeks or more, i have 4 legendary, but when i rich the 3500. The game make me loose 3 fights then i win 1, every time, now that 3 fights the oponent name is oponent name, its cheating by ludia.


For the record, all my dinos are 20+ and I am nowhere near a “power gamer” --so I’m not sure that is a good strategy–just really annoying to someone wanting to get an incubator for the night. :slight_smile: I feel like a jerk when I get paired with someone whose dinos are all 3-4 levels lower than mine.


I have been in Sorna for 3 months now. Have a whole team of legends 16-18. I am now averaging 11 points when I win, and 30+ when I lose - what the heck? If i win 2 in a row, I loose like 8, being paired up with dinos impossibly higher. If I get kicked out of this arena again, I think I am done.