Stuck in the Aviary?

I have been in the Aviary for about a year now. I can’t move up to the next tier and have leveled my dinos many times. Currently my team consists of this level… 27 26 26 25 25 24 24 23. I have a mix of unique sand legendaries. Just wondering if others have the same issue. Every time I get to about 4750 trophies I start facing impossible to beat teams minimum3 levels above everything I chosen to fight with.


I guess you could try and see which are the dinos that gives your battle team the most problem? e.g Speedy thors? And then see how you can build your team to work around such dinos.

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Both my wife and my son have been stuck in the Aviary for about a year too. Although my son did hit Library a couple of times before the last big update, he’s back down to 4750 now as his team was decimated.


You’re better off really. The library is a mess. You’ll get slammed by L30’s and nitro Thor’s right away. Aviary matchups are at least tolerable


Yea nitro thors is one of the reason I make sure all my speedsters are at least 145 speed above.

I don’t have the same issue. my record is 4727 and I have an 18 thyla with 129 speed, 19 draco, 20 tryo, 21 indo, 21 thor, 21 orion, 22 maxima, and a 25 indom with 127 speed and 1928 attack which is more than a 30 I guess. I did get slammed a couple times while up there cuz I’m now only at 4627 but those were all 25’s.

I have been stuck in aviary since last December, but I have no right to complain because I have formulated a rather odd team :sweat_smile:


lets just say that alangqua and parmolch is the cause of you downfall. I have done the calucations and from level 11 to 24 is 8,750 dna for an epic and 11,250 for level 25. It takes 30 10 dna fuses to get a unique to 30 and only 6,000 epic dna to do that so you would have had gryployth, tryko and maybe erlidominus at level 30 most likley.



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I got into library at one point with this team, but I have been stuck in aviary for a really long time. image|231x500

And you haven’t even seen what I’ve done with Braciosaurus, Phrusracos, Galimimus, Spinosaurus, And Indominus Rex

lol, i saw your level 30 indy somewhere else but if you got 10’s every times you would have spent 56,250 dna on rexy dna plus you would have had a garunteed chance of getting tryko and erlidom to 30 from 21 and still have 3750 rexy dna left over if you had 11250 rexy dna.

I don’t blame you withy indy tho. Mine is level 25 and I plan on getting it to 30 most likley before I even get my next dino to 27 or 28

That’s the dream! Mine is only at 26 currently.

oh, must have been someone else then

I kind of regret it though my Tyrannosaurus Rex or Erlidominus could have been at such a higher level.

yes, maybe for rexy for tourneys but probably not erlidom, she isn’t goot at all in this meta

The reason I have such a peculiar team is simply because I pick the creatures that look AWESOME!

don’t judge me for liking dracoceratosaurus :laughing:

yes indeed, he must be part lion and trike. the thing looks crazy

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Don’t forget the grinch aspect in it.

im surprised he didnt come out at christmas

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