Stuck in the Aviary?

I started the game in April 2020. I came to the Lockwood Library 2 months ago. I’m mostly between 4950-5150, team average 25

Yeah…not really. Once I get around 4750 I face 29and 30 dinos. And get hammered backwards

Isn’t just one or two troublesome dinos. Once I reach a certain point…I start facing teams that sever.y outclass me. They should add a few tiers of arenas to separate people better.

My team is 27 suchutator. 26 ardent. 26 Thor. 25 magna p. 25 phorusaura. 24 tenonto. 24 trek. 23 thyla. But when I hit that magic number of 4750. I start facing 29s and 30s.

i would love to face that team over the normal encounters. Its so different.


lol idc aviary is pretty pleasant athstetically (I def spelled it wrong lol) so it hasn’t bogged me down

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It must be true to a certain extent about power levels , because comparing your team with my own team I’m actually higher with lower level Dinos , your lower level thyla at 23 is my highest which is tenontarex & my lowest is 20 woolly rhino as my swap in , my current trophy level is over 4900

Thank you! I always like to guess people’s expressions when seeing a level 24 titanoboa in aviary.

Respect mate, JWA snek for life


Yes, just yes

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I just reached Aviary with level 20-21 dinos and even the AI has +3 level boosted creatures. Sometimes I manage to win vs much higher level players which keeps pushing me up but it isn’t worth the stress and, I never did it in any game, I benched my strongest units to go down back where I can compete.
My plan is now to only use half team of levelled units and half of crappy ones, so that I will win when I get the good units and only make few kills when I get the weak ones, finding a balance between getting incubators but not climbing more than I am supposed to.
I refused to be food for big fishes, which is what this kind of games want you to be, that, or buy to become a big fish yourself.

I’m in the Aviary too, but I don’t get frustrated like before, since you’re going to lose as much as you are going to win.
I’m focused on unlocking my missing dinosaurs, and then maybe focusing on seeing if I can climb out of sand or not.
Screenshot_20201115-103319_JW Alive


The game is relatively screaming for new arenas, I’ve been in the aviary since April, depending on matches I’ve climbed n dropped as you say, recently I created new dinos & had a visit to the library, I was quickly beaten back down into the aviary, I’m under no impression that to exist in the library you need boosted dinos over level 25 or more , right now the 500 difference between the 2 arenas has players ranged from 18 to 30 level dinos , no other arena has that situation it’s crammed with every one scrapping for a few trophies up or down we need more arenas.


Yeah I think I’m proly gonna do something similar, unlock everything and then level the ones I want on my team

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Probably due to ‘gatekeepers’ like these:


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Lol I know how I’m getting out of aviary

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I´ve been stucked in aviary for two years, I was in library maybe 2 times…

I’ll probably be in the aviary forever, I play the arena with dinos that are fun for me to use, and I keep them at level 21 without boosts. my current team is smilonemys, mammolania, grypolyth, erikopsyx, spinoconstricor, Quetzorion, Geminititan and magnapyritor. I will only level dinos past 21 or boost them if I don’t find them fun to use in the arena after using them on my team for a few weeks and if they are useful for Raids.