Stuck on 16 % loading

I cant belive when im in my favorite location the game wouldnt load. Its pretty far from my house but fortunately i got a trex enough to get my indorex to 19 but still. I could have gotten more uselfull dna if the game wasnt such a pain on the loading screen.

Update i did got in and fought in the arena and winning, then it stopped working and asked to recconect i really hope its the game problem not the guy hacking.

Another update i KEPT RECONNECTING ON A CRUCIAL MOMENT. WHAT THE ACTAUL HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL. I dont know wheter its the game but i report every single player who i fought coincidentally recconect on a crucial moment where i just have to choose one killer move. BUT INSTEAD AUTOPICKS BASIC ATTACK.

I’m sorry to hear that the game was having trouble reconnecting @9c380abd060a5f1dd6ce. Does this occur when you’re connected to WiFi as well? It’s possible that you might be in an area where the network connection is not very strong or stable. The game is currently under maintenance right now, however, if you’re still having issues after the maintenance, could you try the troubleshooting steps here: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Happened to me too on Sunday… exacty 16%