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Stuck on arena for few months. Research it, please


Ludia, please do some research about how long players sitting on same arena!

Because I think too much people stuck from Isolation to Sorn for 3-4 months!
Thank you!


Could u show us ur current team? :slight_smile:


Ive been stuck in arena 5 for months…i hover around 2600…ive played since day one and only have 3 legendaries…there is def something a-miss with this game

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Over the last 58 battles my Indoraptor has been selected only twice, yes twice. Something is most definitely screwed up.



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You lack more armour. Tryo is one hit wonder at this level. Mine Tryo was benched till lvl 20.
Try also benching Indominus, cause is to much RNG dependant.

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If you’ve been playing since day one, you should at least be in Ruins if not Lockwood.

What is your team?


Still isolation with image


I think that too much people stuck here and they catch the Indoraptor and still stuck on Isolation! How ??


The indo isn’t a miracle creature. It’s easily countered. My wife has a similar team and is in the same boat as you are. Get Thor or erlidom and you will start climbing. Also need to level up your team more to get higher rank.


Your team now isn’t bad, just need more levels. To climb into higher arenas you need dinos atleast lvl 20. This level make the difference between losing a dino and surviving a hit.


Time spent playing per day will make a big difference in how fast you advance. With creatures below level 20 you should be able to get enough coins to level several up per week. But you have to spend the time to max out on spinning/battling for coins. Getting the DNA to level them up also takes time playing or battling to accumulate. If you dart 5 or 6 creatures, even 10 or 15 per day, it is going to take a long time to advance. If you throw 500 or more darts per day, you will advance faster.

Even if you started playing when the game came out, if you only play for a short time each day, and only dart and spin what is around your location, you will advance very slowly. If you can only play on weekends or the occasional afternoon for a few minutes, you are not going to advance rapidly and will remain in the same Arena.

Where you have available to play will also make a difference. I have been traveling recently and many places are very sparse on anything to capture. I went to one location where there was one SD to spin in sight. Other places the creatures are heavily populated with many SD to spin. My home location has a good spawn rate but no Epic. Other places have many Epic spawns. To advance you need to locate a good place to play.

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That’s what kind of team is in Lockdown now?


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Right? This was my team during much of my time in lockdown:

Levels were different of course, the raptor meta was at it’d peak and I had dinosaurs to slow them down or pin, them. Lol

I added Ourano and Nodopato later on once they were unlocked. I even had stygi on my team for a while.

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