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Stuck on Battle Stage Infinite

Hi, everyone. I’ve been playing the game for about 2 years now. This is my first time posting, but picked up a lot of tips from this forum, so thanks for that.

For the first time I think I’m completely blocked on my current battle stage infinite. Think I’m paying the price for having too many Indorapters, any suggestions for how I can beat this?

Below is my best aquatic and pterosaur lineups:

Prestosuchus or Diplosuchus
Metriaphodon or Pterodactylus

@Gman I think you have to use 1. Lv.20 Pachygalosaurus for 4 reserve
2.Tapejarocephalus for attack amphibian( if opponent switch indominus rex to amphibian in the first turn)


Thanks, I tried the suggestions and got closer this time. I ended up in stalemate with my Indorapter Vs the CPU indo Rex and guessed wrong. Pachy on cooldown now, so will be a couple days before I can try this lineup again.

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I would do:

  1. Mastodonsaurus
  2. Any herbivore you have/Indoraptor
  3. Metriaphodon
  • Opponent will swap in Coloborhychus (class disadvantage on Indominus)
  • Fodder off Mastodon while getting reserves
  • Defeat the Coloborhychus with the herbivore/indoraptor and have at least 4 reserves
  • Finish the Indomins and Sarco with Metriaphodon.

The matchup is hard but definitely possible.


To answer your other comment, yes it’s largely because your Indoraptors are so much higher ferocity than everything else that this is much more difficult than the infinity battle typically would be (albeit it always tends to be hard but more so when you are so loaded with only one class at the top). You probably should consider making some stronger Metriaphodons ASAP to counter any AI amphibians, and some Segnos too if you’ve got it unlocked to take down the flyers. Having those strong glass cannons is what can really help in these tough infinity battles.


Pachygalosaurus(use it as a meat shield,the Indominus might not swap out or might,it’s good either wa if you get 4 reserves)
Pterodactylus(has no class disadvantages in this matchup,and a good enough attack to take out opponents, it may not have the attack of Metriaphodon,but it has enough health to survive 1 hit from any of the opponents if anything goes wrong)
Metriaphodon/Indoraptor to sweep the rest.

The first creature doesn’t have to be strong it just needs to survive a hit…

Thanks for the tips everyone, beat this now, a Tyranotitan was my reward from the pack for all that trouble :angry:

As far as improving my no-carno lineup goes, I have 2xlv20 Gorgosuchus, 2xlv20 metriaphodon and by the end of the week will have 2xlv20 segnosuchus. Question is am I better keeping these all at lv20 so I have wider coverage, even though ferocity is quite a bit less than the Indos or should I merge them to get lv21+ of each creature?


That’s okay. I feel so tempted to sell off lots of my Parks decorations and re purchase half of them for XP, I am so close to max level(level 92) , but stlll not there. The temptation is incredible. I’ve been playing for 3 months.

Level 23 Metriaphodon is close to the ferocity of a level 10 Indoraptor. You’re better off keeping multiples


I agree, get more made first before you bump them up. Particularly the Gorgosuchus due to the long CD.


I have sped lots of battles by now,5 Infinite Battles Done, 3 Common Packs(2 gave Guanlongs,1 gave Argentinosaurus) , 2 Rare Packs(tomorrow’s is a Mystery Pack,the Rare Packs have given me a Diplotator and a Diplodocus.

Opponents were mostly 8100-9300 in terms of ferocity range

Rather than using your best creatures to take on these opponents,it is rather wiser to play a couple of Modded PvP in most cases.