Stuck on Error 10044


I went through this mess when I first downloaded the app, I’m assuming it fixed with the patch.
Yesterday I was able to play just fine, I got my event DNA max and closed it.
I try to open it today and it wont let me. I’ve tried all day and I’ve tried just about everything I can think of/find to fix it (every official support tip, uninstall/reinstall app, disconnecting phone, restarting phone, resetting router, etc.)

I contacted support but was sent a generic letter with unrelated links to fix problems i’m not having.

I hate that I am completely missing any chance to get DNA for today’s event (which is a rare dino) and i’m not sure why it is not working. (App is working fine for others that are using the same connections as myself)

Any help is appreciated.


Hey @Raptor-X not sure if this link will help but worth a shot…

Let us know if it fixes it?


@pugdaft Thank you for trying to help!
Unfortunately, I have already tried that and just tried it again, it still did nothing.


I’m unable to connect and play the game today as well


I can log in using my ipad. Not on my android phone.


It’s been rectified already thanks


It occurred to me a lot times and one thing that I found working is that clearing Google play services data will sometimes helps if there are issues with the Google account or removing account will also work.