Stuck on load screen.... again


Looks like I’m getting stuck on the load screen while ‘Collecting Extraction Darts’ … again.

Had to reinstall the game to get over this last time it happened but I don’t want to lose all the progress (and nominal cash) I’ve spent making progress!!

My dinosaur obsessed 4 year old is extremely upset!

Any suggestions?



Do you have an error code for this problem?


It’s happening to me as well, no error code given. It just will not move past that screen


Mine seems to working again. I haven’t changed or done anything but it’s been out of action for a day…

Might be worth just not using for a while, no logic but it seems to have worked for me.

No error code, just stopped loading and stuck on the screen as described above.


I’ve been having a similar issue.

Either I get stuck on “launching drone…” or it gets past the loading text but just displays the spinning dna strand.

I have not been able to play since Thursday afternoon.

I’ve gotten a few error messages that just seem to be disconnect errors.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, turning WiFi off and back on, rebooting my router, restarting my device.

I play on a tablet so I don’t have the option of cellular data.

I have filed a support ticket since I’ve exhausted all options.

A bit frustrating but I get the game is in its early stages.