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Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Is anyone else having this problem? Went on about 30 mins ago, it asked my how to log in and I clicked guest, (as I don’t have a Facebook account) it asked me which profile I wanted to keep and I chose the one I was playing, now it has just been continuously loading. Anyone else having this problem?


Hey AlishaFoxy2005, I understand that loading issues can be frustrating. Could you please try these steps and see if they help?

  1. Do not run any other applications in the background while using Jurassic World Alive.
  2. If you are on a WiFi connection, select your device settings > WiFi, and then tap your network to forget it. Then reconnect to your WiFi network.
  3. Please go to your device’s Settings, and turn off your data connection. Then, turn your connection back on.
    Doing this may stabilize your connection.
  4. Force close the app and then immediately relaunch.

Please also remember to have a stable internet connection before launching the game and not to switch between connections as it could cause an issue for the loading.

If the issue persists, could you please contact our support team so they can take a closer look at your account? You can contact them here at, and it will be helpful if you can also include your Support Key in the email.

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A friend of mine has had that problem quite a bit (where the screen is stuck on the loading bar). For some reason, i was driving and he said “my phone is very warm to the touch” so i had him put his phone on the AC in the car… and it magically loaded. My guess is alot of phones will prevent the use if gps or another module if the cpu is too hot… so try cooling the phone


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Hi Ned, I did what you said. It does not help. The game stuck at 18/22 even after new upgreat was 1.3.15 installed. It was loaded only once after installation. And no more

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Same probleme here but only on my iPad. On my iPhone everything is fine. I don’t know how longs this problem exist today but in the morning everything was fine and I could open JW Alive on my iPad.

Same problem here on iphone6s with latest iOS. Woke up this morning and can’t start the game in any way, stuck at “scanning for dinosaurs”.
Tried everything:

  • force closed and restarted app
  • turned off WiFi
  • turned off 4g
  • turned off mobile data
  • turned everything back on
  • closed all other open apps
  • turned off phone
  • soft reset phone (home+power cycle)
  • reset ram (power off, don’t user slider but keep pressing home button)

Only thing I haven’t tried is reinstalling the app. But I have the feeling it’s some kind of server problem…

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Apparently Lydia support is too busy to reply within a day… solved the issue by removing and reinstalling the game…


Same here, stuck at 18/22. It was working a few hours ago and then stopped after my first round of the strike :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I’ll try to read a book meanwhile haha

Been like this for a few hours now :neutral_face: I’ve tried everything including reinstalling.

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With some reluctance, I deleted and reinstalled and that did the trick for me.

Yeah i tried this as well still stuck 16/22. I give up really like this game but its to much makes my phone run hot die to fast and there is no dinos in the country its like you guys only favor big cities.

I did all those and even deleted the app and redownloaded it. Still exactly the same. Won’t go past 16/22 on load up screen :cry: Ludia better hurry up and fix it before many people get cross.

I did that and it continued to not load past 16/22 on start screen :cry:

It just happened to me again, like the other time it was right after buying an incubator. Fortunately for me the uninstalling fixed again. Sorry about your case

I’m having this issue now for a day. It stops at step 18/22. I did all the recommended steps, but the issue is still there.


did you delete the app and re-installed it ? did you loose any of your dinos ?

Yes, I deleted the app and downloaded back again. I use iphone so all dinosaurs came back automatically from Game Center, but it should be the same for all devices.

Did your progress still there? Or is it gone?