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Stuck on Loading Screen ... again

Hey there, Sammymant6943. Regarding the Alpha issue, it has been brought to our team’s attention as well and it’s currently one of the things our team is working on a solution for at the moment.

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Awesome ! Thanks a great deal ; we will try to hang in there and be patient till you guys have a fix for this issue .
Have a great day @Ned :hugs:

For some reason you missed my tag also. I’d say someone side-stepped my own ticket. You need to manage better these threads, I feel like there’s discrimination and one fam matters but another doesn’t. Sad. We just like httyd dragons and we play, there’s no similar game or I’d take all my players there just for this.

Hey Featherwing, I can definitely understand the frustration brought on by these new/old issues. From what I understand, some issues in the game can take some time to fully fix, but I would like to assure you that our team is actively working on trying to find solutions for them.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while our team tries and works things out. :wrench:

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Dear Ned I get very stressed with these and I’ve lost a lot, can’t lose more. My cooling tactics don’t work as well with accumulated, frayed nerves over bugs and real life. People get fed up by how broken the game gets. Also, for health reasons, I can’t be getting so stressed over a game, alright? I’ve gotten a whole lot of deal of it especially last year, ever since that maintenance that lasted days instead of a few hours at max. It all needs to turn-around to being fun again… Thanks for taking the time to answer, I hope you guys make a real change quick. Have a great day ^^

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I’m very sorry to hear that, Featherwing. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email your account information to our team at with your support key? It would help our team out with their investigation and hopefully give our team a chance to make things right for you.

Thank you!

Yes I could send, I usually let things majorly reported so I don’t overload the system. Also please mind how some people speak to others in here. One other thing that spoils it big time.

I’ll be speaking with support soon.

Sorry, for this trouble. I play this some time longer and yes a screen like this appeared before, but only due to an issue looking like another does not necessarily mean they have the same cause. If you search for the symptom “cough” you will find thousands of results causing this symptom to appear. This also applies on technical symptoms. Try “bluescreen windows” - or “unexpectedly restarting mac”.

My current state:
I can play on my phone (iPad is only second choice). Sidequests no issue at all, exploration either.

When it comes to the arena its costing nerves with the “reconnect pop up” but the disconnects do not affect the winning streak.

Alpha battle will be interesting shortly, guess I will have to restart the app for every energy bolt I want to throw on it. This worked so far.

All I have done troubleshootingwise: Restart the phone last night and wait.

Maybe this helps the one or other player to regain access, its no guarantee though.

@Ned can you please check if my contact attempt was successful? Will try a different email next time.

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I literally just downloaded the game again after over a year without playing and am welcomed with an endless loading screen. At least my phone isn’t the problem itself.

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Congratulations to your perfect timing!

Sorry, could not help that :crazy_face:


Just came back and I’m quitting again. It’s unplayable, as always.

Every time the game tries to reconnect at the end of the alpha battle, my points are added up again.
I had done over 600,000 damage in 2 attacks … Not normal.

Check the attack history, it’s a mess.

That’s why I am quitting the app once it starts with disconnecting.

I’m sorry about that, AIlen! :sweat:

Our team is aware of the loading issue and they’re trying to work out a fix for it at the moment.

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@Ned you are doing a great job. There are no more words to say. You have covered the topic well. Some just need to fight with words that have feelings.

I appreciate you! Mod is a messy business at times.

The Herdcutter

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Some people complain about itsy bitsy things, some others… we take into consideration how stuff work and only post/send when it’s important. I don’t appreciate getting notified for rude comments.

Before posting, do filter yourselves on whether it’s needed, good or helpful. It just wouldn’t hurt.

Hey everyone, let’s keep things civil and on topic to the original post :mag: :eyes:


I wanted to update that I filmed the full bug in action and stuff.

My 1st hit was having even stranger behavior that created a bug loop; it would disconnect right after the end of moves, get stuck on reconnecting, back to the battle with 0 moves, back to reconnecting, back to the battle… I was waiting for it to finish doing that for it really looked like it wasn’t counting my hit. And of course, “finishing” is getting stuck at reconnection for several minutes. Then came back to the game and my hit was counted 8 times.

During the end of that 1st hit I downloaded a recorder to start filming but… it only caught an eternal “reconnection”.

2nd hit, that one I did for evidence, that was collected successfully. End count was 3x times the damage of the hit.
The video and other evidence will be shared to your support team.

No room for 3rd hit, I had already surpassed 1M dmg and I didn’t want to do it on purpose.

Head one counted double last night and another one 3 times.

Battle log and according screenrecoirding was sent to the support this morning.