Stuck on park lvl 58 "monolophosaurus"

to continue my questline i need to have a tapejalosaurus at lvl 21, to unlock it i need to unlock first monolophosaurus which i still dont have, play the game since 3 weeks and no events until now. anyone some advice how to continue, wait or just buy it for dino bucks? (1200 per dino)


You can try modded PVP, it is a prize there but not a common one.

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ty for quick reply, but you need to get it few times right? in my case its x7, each tiime it rolls out doesnt mean the player unlock it, am i right?

No, in PVP you would only win 1 copy I’m afraid. This is a very tough level requirement.

For context, I have been stuck on my current quest for months, I am supposed to have a level 21 Indominus (it says 31 but apparently it means 21) and I am not ready for that yet. It isn’t really worrying me.

You can keep rising through levels by placing decorations and hatching and evolving dinos, so it won’t stop you reaching level 60.


Idk when exactly, but you can also unlock monolophosaurus during rare unlock weeks.

yes, but my worry is that i dont know how long i need to wait, i mean there are so many dinos you must unlock through events and there arent any schedules out for events on long term.

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That’s true. Another thing to keep in mind is that tapejalo at level 21 is like 3.5k ferocity. I have the exact same quest rn and I already have tapejalo unlocked, however I can’t get it to level 21 because that would be 1k over my ferocity rn. If you are in a rush to get to level 60, maybe try placing more decorations or clear land.

Edit: I actually don’t know if level 21 is 3.5k…that might be level 30. I currently have it at level 17 which is around 2.6k ferocity.


ty bro for your deep thoughts, i will try to clear land/decorations etc.

I’ve been stuck on the same mission for over a month. Im level 73 now. I just buy apato fossils and John Hammond statues.

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I’ve just unlocked tapejalosaurus by spending 4800 DB on mono (that mission took me a month) and getting the other 4 by modded. DO NOT spend DB on getting monolophosaurs just do loads of modded. Don’t do the mistake I did

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Rare (and Common) Unlock weeks typically happen about every four months. The most recent Rare Unlock Week was at the end of December. If Ludia sticks to that timeline, we should see one the end of this month.

The best advice I can give to a newer player is to treat this game as one of patience. The only two keys to success are Time and Real Money. Using one, reduces the need for the other.


ty for your shared thoughts, i am already clear my lands and put some fossils statues to get my needed exp.