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Stuck trying to get to first ettin


hey yalls im new here was wondering if any one can help with some tips on how to beat the ettins second stage im use a lvl 4 rogue and bard with a lvl 5 Barbarian and wizard and i cant get past it…?? soo what should i do and how should i proceed


try and use abilities that disarm, stun, or immobilize. You might have to try it a few times. winning initiative is also a massive part of hard battles, along with making red dice rolls.


Ive taken ur advice the problem is im f2p cant afford gold etc… i have only three lvl 5s and a lvl four this game needs to be reblanced im facing lvls 6-8 enemy’s as a d&d gm i would never make my players face multiple higher lvl enemies maybe one and then equal lvl enemies also i can no longer progress any father ive tried this lvl over 30 times no matter what even if i make it to the third stage i die peroid i only have disarm every 4-5 turns ive have no stun or immobilize abilities im useing a bard4 a barbarian5 rogue5 wizard5 and i have a claric4 in the rooster


Welcome to the paywall. We’ve got 20 USD subscriptions and paid premium currency.

First off, you will need Halbenet (the cleric) in basically 99.9 % of the missions considering he is the only steady source of healing you will have.

The only thing you might be able to do for now is to wait on free chests (4 hours a pop) to earn gold and a modicum source of gems. Also hit the free challenges only ( once every 5 hours) for the free d6 ( maybe d8 roll if youre lucky)
The other cash source you should have is to grind the adventure even if you cant beat it. you’ll still get some gold / xp per room even though it WILL be negligible

Also spoiler alert on the future :
I’ve been stuck at the same mission for OVER a Month ( prior to update 5 that happenned late january early february) and i just cannot finish the quest with a group of level 8 - 9 facing level 12s…


sigh kk thanks im just to poor to afford video game stuff due to beening homless and needing to save money for hopfully feature rent and other nesescities sigh i really hope they fix this issues soon i use calliope’s regeneration as my healing source halbrnet just dosint help my team being a melee character and i already have two melee characters in use to trade him for calliope would mean im done to one ranged character thanks for the reply ill just play for the chest and free challenge :’(


Lots of grinding the 50 gold challenge is what you’ll need to do. Best party for you would probably be Barbarian, cleric, wizard, and Bard. The dragonborn Ranger is the best for damage once you get access.


thank u very much though im a little gamer ocd and hate useing heroes of the same archtype aka im now useing two sturdy heros i perfer to use one of each type :frowning: kinda sad that im forced to use a hero i rather not use i litterly just watched a lvl 7 troll deal 1300plus damage O.o that hurt my brain XD my half-orc only has 1000 hp roughly i kinda laugh cuz ive now made it to grocknock but once i walk the troll kills one guy in one shot then the ogre then reduce the rest to half health in one shot holy theze guys are mean GM’s XD