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Stuck with loading screen picture

Hello guys

Since the update 1.7 I am stuck with the (new) lodaing screen picture and nothing pops up/ nothing happens, no matter how long i wait i can just see the picture.
This only happens on my phone. I still can play the game on my Ipad.
I was wondering, since it didnt work out even after the latest update and after redownloading the game, if you guys could help me out.

Thanks for the support

Hey Thierrorid, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re currently looking into it.

In the meantime, if your phone is set to another language, could you try setting it to English and restart your game and see if that works?

It worked!!!
Thanks alot Ned
Really means alot buddy

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I’m happy to hear that it’s working now! :smiley: