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Stuff I'd like to see

All characters having a melee and ranged option for more choices.
Even better having a melee and ranged option always for more options in battle
Each character with it’s own critical hit theme song. I think it’s the same as the dungeon start music right now
Some kind of quest/battle option with all characters, larger area and formation options
Some kind of extra reward with random leader encounters
Character rooms. Not sure how these are handed out, but when I got Raika I immediately found a lvl 8 and level 10 room, while she was lvl 3. Perhaps 1 level higher max is appropriate. Also seems to be a max of 3 to be opened, so it’s a huge grind to get that new character leveled to clear that room so I can have a chance at finding another.
Multi ability items with choice in combat. For example Faridehs rod. Instead of one with pull and one with push, the choice on attack to add some strategy… pulling that lvl 15 orc into melee range is not helpful :grinning: