Stun and critical


Is it just me being unlucky or does stuns and critical are normal to be unfair to the point where opponents land them every single time regardless of percentage of chance while my own attempts are completely pointless despite using skills that have 75% of it happening??


Sounds like you are having bad luck. It is surprising how often the 75% fails, but I still think it’s mostly accurate with the percentage, both for me and my opponents


Well, I had fights where I got hit with 5-6 and more consecutive stuns from attack’s which have 10% of chance to do that, in more than few fights, so yeah bad luck I guess…


Yeah is insane, sometimes I fail 33% and 75% stun chance but I get 10% 2 times in a row lol


I posted this elsewhere…
I track all the stunning moves to see how closely the actual stunning percentages match up to the percent they list? Against the 75% stun move, I was stunned 12 times in a row before one move didnt work. Meanwhile my 75% stun move has worked 4 out of 9 times.


This is like the tenth time I’ve seen this post this week


The clue is in the name… 75%… The only way to tell is to find a magic crystal ball! Having a Dino which is immune though is seriously a good way to counter this, rather then just cursing fate :slight_smile: