Stun and high speed dinosaurs


It happens not once but in so many games that made me reach a high level of frustration.So I use for example instant charge on stygymoloch.It stun the opponent velociraptor.I can see the animation of the stun.And yet he is the 1 who hit 1st.How that work???Same happens with stegoceraptos stuns… I see clear it stun the opponent yet he hit 1st right after.And only with high speed dinosaurs it occurs,velociraptor and alike.


Following. I’ve seen this too and want to know if there’s something I’m missing. I’ll stun my opponent, usually Raptor, it shows her stunned, then she becomes unstunned and attacks me. Of course by the time I get my stun in, I’m low on health and die.


I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about but instant charge works like this let’s say you are against a velociraptor he pounces, next turn you use instant charge you go first hit it and stun it for 1 turn that 1 turn ends after you use instant charge so he doesn’t attack you the turn you use instant charge. But he can kill you the next turn because the effect only stops him from attacking you the turn you use it.


So when you use instant charge, you move first, and when you inflict the stun, it disallows them from attacking that turn. So if you use it on a velociraptor for instance your moving faster for one turn, and denying it an attack as well. But after that turn is done, the stun is gone and the dino speeds are reset. If you stunned the raptor after at the end of the turn, then the stun would carry over to the next turn, so you can deny an attack, but not if you move first