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Stun and run

I think a cool abilty would be stun and run. Haven’t yet put too much thought into which creatures might have it or how it would be useful though. Just an idea


Sounds good, but only effective if the stun goes through. And the next creature swapping in is faster than the one being stun. Than it will get a free turn.

It would be good on tanks like this one especially paired with a speedster

Stun and Run
Long protection
Armor Piercing Counter
Immune to vulnerability
Immune to Decel

I would say remove the regen for Dracocera and give it stun and run instead.

I would say it would be good for ceratopsians but they already have that annoying fairy prancing stun move when they swap in

Yes I’ve thought about this too, and it would be a nice utility move on hadrosaur hybrids. One thing I’m still wondering/undecided on is whether or not it would be priority…
Without priority, you could stun lock and give your next dino a free swap and a free turn, but priority makes it easier to escape with

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Maybe stuff like pachy, stygimiloch, dracodrex, and Even utharinex, stunning impact and run