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Stun and swap and run


Touramoloch vs tryko

Taura revenge kills the previous dino and is set up.

Tryko comes in. Taura uses stun, it lands. Tryko misses turn because of stun.

Tuara goes again with swap and run, Tryko is still stunned. Taura hits with swap and run, and swaps into Pyrritator. Tryko, still stunned, now get an “end turn” prompt. Pyrritator attacks and kills Tryko, who has been unable to do anything, even counter attack, for 3 turns in a row.

Not sure whats going on, luckily it was a friendly match and not ranked.

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Did Trykosaurus use Instant Distraction?

Normally, if you get stunned as a slower creature, you miss the “retaliation” round.
But, since you use a priority move, it counts as you being a faster creature. So you miss not the retaliation attack (which in this case was a priority move and made you being faster), but the next round; same as if you stunned an Indoraptor.

But because Touramoloch (and Pyrritator) are faster than Trykosaurus, then they are again faster in the next round, because the speed priority bounces back to normal. Only thing you can do at that point is use another priority move (or in this case, die).

Hope that helps and somewhat explained it.

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