Stun Attack

It would be nice to have an update where stun actually works the percentage of the time that the description says.

I can’t possibly have this much bad luck with stun (or maybe I just do have this much bad luck)!

Although most stubs say they hit at 75% of the time, I’d be lucky to get 40% and that’s not an exaggeration.

I have 2 kids that play too. They go to bed early so sometimes I hop on for them just to try and knock out their daily challenge if they haven’t completed it.

For their dinos, their stun doesn’t work well either! One match I had used a sinoceratops 2 consecutive stun attacks in a row neither stunned!

I don’t mind stun hitting only just 40 or 50% of the time, just change the description to say so so it’s not misleading.


If you look at it as a roll of a percentile dice (1-100) then yes, you can be that unlucky. Each roll or use of the ability, has to be seen as a separate roll.

Had a match where my thor did not crit 4 bites in a row. Just glad it occurred during tower battles, and not in arena matches. But yea it happens.

Same for my Tuormoloch. Base on last 4 weeks, i’m very lucky if i hit 30% stun. His moveset are very important. If he doesnt stun he is worthless.

I don’t know but every time stun or instant charge is used on my dino I get stunned 95% of the time.

Tbh I do remember a few instances where rng is kind to me, like a cloaked erli dodging 2 thor bites, but those are few and far between. In any case I’ve given up on conspiracy theories abt rng. If it doesn’t work, I just accept the loss and move on to next battle :man_shrugging:

Your mixing up the number of times an event will occur with the chance that an event could occur.

If something says that it WILL occur 20% of the time then the program would keep track of each result to make sure the event occurs exactly 20% of the time. So each roll has a 20% chance of success. If rolls 1 thru 4 are unsuccessful then roll 5 will be successful regardless of the outcome. If any of the rolls 1 thru 4 are successful, then all remaining rolls until after 5 will be unsuccessful regardless of their outcome. In that scenario you could end up with two successful rolls back to back (rolls 5 and 6 successful) or up to 8 rolls with no success (rolls 1 and 10 were successful). But what you won’t have is more than 1 success for every 5 rolls.

With the 20% chance the program doesn’t keep track of success/failure. Each roll is independent and previous rolls have no influence on the current outcome. The results could be more than 1 success every 5 rolls or no success at all.

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