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Stun broken even more

In the past I’ve complained about how stun doesn’t seem to meet the percentage of success in the description… now it’s just broken all together…

Just saw my son in a battle… he used a stun move. There are 2 types of stun that can occur when it actually works:

  1. Where the opponent is stunned but it’s a “light” stun where he isn’t open to a free attack. Recovers for attack next turn…
  2. Heavy stun where the opponent is open a free attack and can’t do anything about it… essentially loses a turn and open to another attack without a chance to retaliate.

My son hit the opponent with stun and it was the heavy stun variety… the defect is the opponent immediately recovered and didn’t get hit with a free attack at all.

If stuns are broken, that means any dino who counts on stunning are worthless.

Except Thor. Every stun lands lol. Especially for the all maxxed Thor crutches instant crit stuns.


By “types of stun” I assume you mean the two different orders of opponent move and user stun move that can occur.
If opponent acts before user stun move, they miss their next turn.
If user stun move goes first, they miss their current turn. Either way, they lose 1 turn, as intended.

This is an established fact, and I assure you it is well-known on the forums.

In your scenario, how did you know it was of the “heavy” variety, if the only distinction you seem to make between the two is that one lasts longer?
Also, if you could describe the exact situation it would be more helpful.

It is possible it was simply an animation error, and it only “looked” like a heavy stun. It could also simply be a change in animation from the onset of 1.12 (I think this is the case, because I vaguely remember encountering it).

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This thread is very STUNning and brave

The stun type where they sit there hunched over and can’t do anything about it… before the only options were to end turn or swap out.

It’s broken now… they don’t remain hunched over…

That “stun” type is actually practically the same as the other type. The only difference is the animation, and the move order is different. If you pay close attention to whether or not the opponent moves before you stun them, I’m pretty sure you’d realise on your own.

Now I have a hunch that it’s only the animation that has changed. Give me a little while to test it out in Campaign and get back to you on it.

If I’m right, that means they incorporated a shortened version of the “heavy” stun animation into the “light” stuns. This would mean it’s only a visual change, and everything else is happening as it should.

This literally just happened to me also. My Thor had a full stun on a Diloracheirus. It slumped over, then all of a sudden it popped up like nothing happened.

Yup, it’s only a visual change. This would explain @MrkZmn’s example too.

But there is a bug that gives a “light” stunned player the option to “End Turn”. This should be reported.

So that means this is nothing out of the ordinary, @Jvzimmer, just a simple animation change. Using your terms, light stuns now look like heavy stuns, but they’re still different.

@Jvzimmer although it is possible that it could be a bug specific to your situation, but you’d have to specify the move order and dinos used. Also where it was encountered.
Those details are very important.

Well, with a full stun, the opponent loses one turn and then I would have my turn. That didn’t happen. Stunned it, it slumped, it “recovered” and then proceeded with its turn.

If you differentiate between the stuns based on animations only, congratulations, that’s no longer a viable method of identification. You’re going to have to understand how they work to tell them apart, or wait to see whether the “slump” wears off or not each and every time.

So again, I’d like to ask, on what basis do you call it a “full stun?” The only way a Thor can get a “full” stun on a Diloracheirus is if the Dilo swaps into an Instant Charge. Is that what happened?
Details like this are important.

If you used Instant Charge on an on-field Dilorach and it performed the stun animation, then attacked anyway as if it didn’t have any sort of stun (half, full or whatever you call it), that could be a bug, or it could mean that the animation for a failed stun has changed.
I’m not going to bother testing that out, since it would likely take a lot of tries.
You’d have to rely on other player’s arena experience to confirm.

I’ve been playing long enough to know the difference. Full stuns, the creature is slumped over whereas a light stun the creature is still upright and just looks dazed. It’s quite obvious that it has happened to at least another person if I had the same experience.

And yes, I used an instant charge with my Thor on the diloracherus.

I’ve tested both types out in Campaign, and I’m telling you, that difference no longer exists. It’s outdated. The animation has changed.

Well, was it a case of a “full” stun turning out to be a “light” stun, like @Jvzimmer described?
If so, then that’s normal.

Actually that is not entirely true. When I hit the Instant Rampage it does not heavily stun. All it does is lightly stun. Although on some extremely rare cases it does what it is intended to do. I especially love to stun bleeders when they get swapped in and then do Defense Shattering Rampage.

So apparently there’s loads of people with the idea that there’s different types of stun determined by some invisible force… interesting.

It is just the RNG being fickle I suppose

Well, it isn’t. It’s not RNG, or anything else.

This is what it is.

Sometimes I wonder if people even read my lengthy explanations at all lol. This one wasn’t even that long.