Stun bug VS counter-attack dinos?

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Bug Description: When a counter-attack dino gets stunned by a faster opponent, he loses 1) his counter to opponent’s attack, 2) his own attack, and 3) his counter to the opponents next attack. This is 1.5x worse than any other dino getting stunned as far as damage goes. I realize this kind of falls under the “that’s just the way it works” category, but just bringing it up from a “but should it work this way” perspective. I remember back when stunning used to basically do nothing if you were the slower dino, so wondering if this needs to be reworked so that only one of each type of attack is lost.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play any counter dino.
Step 2 - Faster dino stuns you.
Step 3 - You lose two counter attacks and one regular attack.

How often does it happen: Every time

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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I’m really curious how it would make sense otherwise if the creature with counter attack, faster or slower, would work? Your creature is sitting there stunned and dazed, not able to do anything for a move. Why would it still be able to counter attack at all? Or not lose the current and next counter attack if it was stunned?

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Yeah, I mean in order to not split the stun between two rounds, I’ll admit it would be a bit weird to first counter and THEN get stunned, but I don’t see why the opponent’s second attack couldn’t “unstun”. I mean if we’re getting into the realism argument, we ARE talking about a game where we fight with dinosaurs after all… :rofl:

Well…realistic answer…vast majority of times, whatever creature it is, it isn’t gonna wake up from a daze and be immediately coherent, at full strength, and ready to go to be launching into anything, inc a counter attack…esp after getting hit again while dazed.

Following your thread, you said it…we’re fighting with dinos, tossing reality out means everything and nothing makes sense at once anyways.

Sorry, but the way this particular mechanic works makes sense to me.

My problem is that I stun and rarely does it actually stun my opponent. They still get the next attack, even while still in the current round. I’ve noticed it’s especially bad when stunning Raptors. They still get the next attack.

Depends on what you’re stunning with. If it’s something like Instant Charge, you’re actually preempting their move and stunning them, however the next round starts and they’re faster, so they get to go first.

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This seems like something which happens when your counter attacking dino is faster…not sure about this one to be honest.

Yeah, I know it happens both ways - I guess I was more looking from an official word from someone like @Ned on if this was by design

It shouldn’t happen if you are slower than the other dinosaur. You should just be stunned on that turn and that is it.

Hey Somedinoguy, many factors can contribute to this. However, if I’m reading correctly, if your dino was stunned by another creature with a higher speed on turn one, your dino should have regained consciousness on turn two.

Yes, he does; but only after the faster opponent has attacked, thus he lost his counter attack from round 1 AND the counter attack from round 2. Working as intended?

This happens when the dino with counter-attack is faster on the turn he gets stunned (or uses a priority move), but is slower on the next turn.

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If you remember any more details of the match such as, the dinosaurs in the battle and the abilities that were used, I’ll be happy to try and take a look for you.

I find when the opponents dino is slower and stuns me i miss the next attack and counter which is right but then when they attack again my 2nd counter doesn’t work which it should but then I can attack

I’ll try to record a friendly…

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Ok @Ned I wanted to wait until the update to make sure this was still happening. Just tested it and looks like it is:

As I think we all take it to mean, a dino w/a counter attack should get 1 attack and 1 counter attack per round.


Round 1:
Trag - Long Invincibility
Tric - GSS (which stuns, so Trag loses 1 counter attack)

Round 2:
Trag - Stunned (misses 1 attack)
Tric - GSI (which actually misses as you’ll see. Trag is STILL stunned so misses a second counter attack)

Round 3:
Trag - GSS (not really important but it shows that Tric’s GSI did not stun)
Tric - Stunned

So, as far as I can tell, counter attack dinos lose out on 1.5 turns per stun in cases like this, not the normal 1 turn that others would.

Hey Somedinoguy, I’ve watched over the video, and it seems like it is working as intended. Tragodistis uses its ability first in turn 1 because it is faster than Triceratops, Triceratops then uses Greater Stunning Strike which stuns Tragodistis.
Since the stun will happen immediately if it’s successful, Tragodistis is stunned towards the end of turn 1, so it would not be able to counter attack with its passive ability.
The stun will carry over to turn 2 because Triceratops was slower and used the stun ability after you used Long Invincibility in turn 1.
This is to ensure that the purpose of the stun is kept, you will not be able to use an ability the turn you were stunned, but since Tragodistis had already used its ability in turn 1, the stun will carry over till the end of turn 2.
It wouldn’t really be fair if the stun ended the same turn and the faster dino gets to attack first again on turn 2. I hope I was able to clear things up a bit, let me know if you have any more concerns.

Hi @Ned
Its not about not having an attack, its about losing your counter-attack for 2 turns while you are stunned for 1.
If you cant counter turn one due to immediate stun, then cant select a move in turn 2 but counter-attack the dino in turn 2 that would seem more fair.

Hey @Ned, thanks for taking a look. I understand what you’re saying, I wouldn’t expect Trag to get his round 2 attack but, as @afbakappeltaart said, I would hope he would unstun in time for his round 2 counter attack. I realize it’s a bit awkward to consider a mid-round stun change, but it’s unfair to a fast counter attacker.

Consider this: If a faster opponent had stunned Trag, he would have missed his counter attack and then his attack (in the same round), but then would have been unstunned (at the beginning of the next round) in time to counter attack the very next round. Thus, he would have then only missed one attack and one counter attack.

In my mind it’s analogous to the old 1.3(?) stun bug where if the slower dino stunned the faster opponent, the stun would then immediately wear off and the opponent would then be able to attack first the very next round.