Stun Bug?


This has been happening to me a lot but sometimes when I use a stun effect on an opponent it will show them being stunned but then it’s like they will break out of it and get the next attack. And no it’s not immune creatures like postimedron.


Maybe they were slowed down during that stun but it wore off and they get to attack first on the next turn


But the whole point of the stun is that you get a free attack round. It doesn’t wear off before their attack. This has happened multiple times.


Yeah this has happened to me before I don’t really fully understand it to know if it’s meant to happen or if it’s a bug.


If you pay attention to the sequence it happens all the time to a faster opponent. If you use say Stegoceratops and do the slowing impact, he gets a shot, you slow him down, you get your next shot, he gets stunned and loses his turn… Then your slowing attach wears off and the next round starts with the opponent going first with the faster creature.