Stun is one frustrating move

Don’t care if the stats say stun is supposed to work 75% of the time or 66% of the time… for me personally it works about 30-40% of the time. Sucks when you count on it to come thru for you in a close battle and it ultimately costs you because the percentages are accurate.


I’ve noticed it stuns about 5 of the last 10 times. I’m talking about Instant Charge btw.

I would love to encounter your team on the battlefield more often… (LOL) I’ve lost count of how many dinos I’ve lost in a row to “50%” or “66%” or “75%” likelihood of stunning that hits ‘em every. single. time. (Yes, I know each percentage chance is for that one move and that move only – but I’ve still lost battles by getting hit as many as 7(!) times in a row by “possible” stuns.) I’ve really come to hate the Paramoloch because it’s given me the most trouble… so of course I went out & got one of my own, and after 2 days pulled it from my team because it was being eaten alive. Sometimes ya can’t win fer losin’