Stun Lock is back...!

Do you fondly remember the days when stegoceratops could stuck lock you to madness with repeated stunning moves? Those happy days are back with the genius buffs to utarinex… instant stun strike with no delay followed by stunning rampage and run - over and over again! Relive this blast from the past for at least 2 or three updates until they’ve decided they made enough money from selling boosts and rare Draco DNA to fix this stupid thing…

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Am still puzzled, why would they give 2 run moves for the creature.
Utarinex is surely gonna be a nuisance.

Swap-in strike - Instant stunning strike - do any of the running move to swap to another creature.
Again swap-in & do the same.


This question implies they actually think about what they do from a game play perspective - not a bottom line one.

At one point, the removed all first attack stunning moves that many creatures had.

I had created an annoying team of creatures with these first attach stunning moves before they got rid of all those. Now they are going to bring that back.

When (or if, with the way this game is going) I swap my team around, I’m planning on having every member with at least 75% stun resistance or more. Stunning is the most irritating thing that can happen to my dinos, and nothing annoys me more than having to watch, say, Quetzorion get stunned 2 times in a row, then lose without even being able to attack once.

The 75% stun chance they have always feels like 90%. I can count on one hand the amount of times it’s failed against my dinos** in the past month.

**excluding those with that 75% stun resistance

Once upon a time Ludia changed creatures to prevent this very thing… looks like they don’t care anymore, or just forgot.

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It’s that they don’t care

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I mean most things are immune to stun anyways.

Um, no… some things have resistances, but very few are immune.

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