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Stun move in tenontorex?


Do you believe that the tenontorex should have a stunning move instead of the defense shattering impact?.. for me yes, since it comes from a dinosaur with 2 stun moves.

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I would like this

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I honestly think tenonts current kit is nice. It does what it’s meant to do. Beat tryko and match Thor lvl for lvl. I’m open to this possibility as well tho. It could make the Dino more versatile and be able to match against multiple others.


Whenever I use tentorex I keep waiting for the counter attack. Just the way it looks makes me feel like it should have one


that sounds pretty good.

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Wish it inherited some more of the tyranno looks…


Man a stun on tenontorex would be pretty awesome but I don’t think that he’ll get it cuz that’ll make him wayyyy too powerful. His current kit is already very good. But a stun added would give him too much versatility for a Dino who’s about powerful hits. It’s usually either lower attack with a variety of moods or powerful hitter with powerful moves like rampage and impact.


Saw someone suggest a swap in stun for it. Can’t say how balanced it would be, I don’t have one and only faced one in the arena.