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Stun not working properly when time goes to 0

I was in a battle using my Edmontoguana versus a Full HP Diorajasaur.

I managed to use Stunning Rampage against it and got stunned.

The point is the rival let the clock reach 0. When I used superiority strike on next turn Diorajasaur used counter attack.

How is that possible? If next turn is blocked rival cannot use either counter attack nor any attack.

This has just happened twice in the last week. And don’t know if rival was really AFK or exploiting this bug.

I will try to reproduce it in friendly battles to record it.

Best regards

Hey Pirulass, was your Edmontoguanodon faster than Diorajasaur? If so, the stun would only last till the end of the turn that Greater Stunning Rampage was used.

My Edmonto is “stock speed” level 25. Dioraja was speed boosted.

And No, I didn’t use SS before stun. So possibilities on my Edmontoguana being faster are null.


:thinking: If you have more details of your battle, our team would be happy to take a closer look if you reach out to them here at Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

Ok, I’ll do that… Again.

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Worked as intended. If a dino gets stunned it gets stunned for his move not a turn.
This happened step for step:

Turn 1: dio does his move. Then edmonto stuns dio.

Turn 2: dio should do his move now but it wont since it is stunned. Stun is over now.
Now edmonto attacks and since stun is over dio will counter attack

I have never received a counter attack that way

Every time I hit a stunned Tryko faster than me it stayed stunned until the next turn.

1 dioraja attacks.
2 Edmonto Rampage stun.
3 stunned dioraja
4 Edmontoguana uses SS or whatever and receive a counter attack in the alleged time should keep stun.

Unless something has changed in the last patch, in my experience the counter attack creature will always lose their whole turn instead of 1 move.

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Stunning a faster dino has always cost it its entire next turn. This includes counter attackers there are litterally threads on here complaining about how stunning a faster counter attacker leads to it losing two counter attacks and one full attack and it being unfair.

Yeah, the point Is why this Time not happened ás intended

I was refering to the guy who said working as intended. My guess is its another bug tied to dio and tryko… kinda like the instanst invincibility and rampage and run bug.

I knew you were referring to him.

Rampage and run bug?

If tryko or dio uses instant invincibility the turn a dino uses rampage and run the instant invincibility absorbs the rampage and run and is still up for the next turn as well. Last i checked this was still an issue from 1.7 but i havent really tested to see if its been fixed

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve just experienced this for myself. All you need to do is battle the Dio in campaign mission 64. It seems to happen consistently, with different stunning dinos. I used my Diloranosaurus and Paramoloch multiple times each, with Dio using SS to slow my dino and then getting stunned the next turn, only to use it’s counter-attack and finish my dino off in both cases.
With Paramoloch, I found that using Instant Charge after GSI prevents the counter-attack.

I also took my Nasutoceratops out for a spin in the counter-attack division of campaign, and tried this on a Pteranodon, and there it behaved as expected, with the stunned dino unable to use its counter after being stunned by a slower dino, for the turn of the stunning move as well as the next.

Edit: I’d like to add that it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the timer.