Stun Pose Before Stunned?


Okay so, I’ve noticed something in my last bunch of battles. We all know about the dreaded Stun (which the RNG seems to like being a jerk about), but in one of my battles back at Mt. Sibo, I noticed that as I was having my Eniosaurus attack a Velociraptor, the raptor was already in its Stun pose before my Enio even completed the attack. In some more of my battles, I’ve seen this happen again and again with other dinos. However, I can’t seem to tell if mine are in their Stun Poses or not when it’s the other way around, just the opponent’s.

Has anyone else noticed this? I’m not greatly concerned, as it is helpful in a way, but it’s just odd.


I have noticed that my Nodapatosaurous I’m stun even before it’s stunned. Frankly it’s disgusting.


I think is a bug, but i like it cause we know early if you get or got stun and have more time to think you next action


This is a little glitch, the reason is similar to I-rex’s CLOAK EFFECT DO NOT APPEAR glitch before ver.1.3 update.
(Cloak still works, but system determined I-rex won’t successfully dodge, and will dead in that turn.
So cloak effect don’t show up.)

System show the result (dino will be stunned) to you before action. But not always happening.


I’ve had this glitch for a long time now; either I can tell beforehand when I’m about to be stunned, or my opponent. I don’t see it as terribly problematic though. Just gives you a second’s warning.


See this all the time too. Head goes limp ‘oh I’m about to be stunned :roll_eyes:’ sure enough… “stun”… not the worst glitch but a glitch nonetheless…