Stun Question

If you stun a faster opponent with say like a low stunning strike, they’ll obviously miss their next turn. If you then proceed to use greater stunning strike, would you be able to stun them at all. In my experience the answer is no, but sometimes when the game is quite laggy and connection from either end seems dodgey, the faster dino actually unstuns itself and you can actually stun them again. Want to hear from others .

You can get multiple stuns in a row even when the opposing dinosaur is stunned already.

Really? In the new update I thought they removed that… I do stunning impact on a faster player, get a stun, and then greater stunning strike doesnt stun him…


Yeah, I am pretty sure it is supposed to work this way.

From my understanding and observations, it depends on the speed of your dino and your opponent. If you’re slower, it seems you aren’t able to chain stun your opponent since they’re already losing their next turn, and stunned. But it seems if you are faster, you can still chain stun…I think the reasoning is, they’re losing their current turn already and it clears before the start of the next turn. At least, that’s been my observations thus far.

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