Stun rate


So I’ve backed out the app mid match due to my forth match of being stunned twice in a row by the E… whatever it’s called… the self cleansing regen thing… I’ll let him beat the timer…

My point is just how inaccurate are the stun percentages? The amount of times it does minimal stun and then stunning stun or whatever and stuns you with both is getting a little silly now.

We need more variety than velo or Einstein.


I rarely get my stun to work, so clearly all my luck is going to your opponents.

Sorry 'bout that, would change it if I could. :smiley:

I’d suggest that, because mine doesn’t work, the percentages are accurate and it’s just RNG doing its magic. Tough break in your case :frowning:


It’s just unlucky RNG, dude. I’ve had it happen to me a bit more now that I’m in the second arena. All depends on the dino in question as some have Greater Stunning Strike while others may not.


You have no idea how many times my stegocera missed a 75% stun LOL. After all; same goes for crit; it remains a chance game. Even 90% still has 10% left to miss; it can happen!
Don’t be too dependent on stuns and crits, gambling your way to the top will definitely not work. Ferocious strike, for example is a perfect example of a good skill. Just 50% extra damage and a hit. Gotta love einia’s stunning impact… More like 'oh an other one-shot? Who cares about stunning, GG, next dino pls.

Thats why pounce also works so good; you just do 2x damage and reduce incoming damage. Clean, one-hit strikes if the enemy has no defense. Both dinosaurs are too obvious to pick for any dino team; one of the few hybrids that is actually usefull and so easy to come back… 2 commons easily found and a mean night one-shot machine also very commonly found.

If hybrids were more accessible we would see more of them; even legendaries. But those take months to get to a decent level if you play regularily without paying. Or participate regularily in the event. Hopefully i get my first legendary saturday! After what, about 2 months of playtime? Long live the indominus.:t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

After a while legit players will start to ‘catch up’ and get decently leveled hybrids… It just takes quite some time but the new event feature definitely helps with epics!

  1. It’s RNG
  2. Backing out means the other player has to wait for the maximum time between every action so spoils their experience somewhat. Try and finish the battles you start.


I guess you guys are spot on :slight_smile:

The RNG gods saw fit to sprinkle their love in my favour after my post and saw me stun my way to victory!

Does feel quite unfair even when it’s me getting 2 stuns in a row though, but I’ll take the win haha