Stun Rates

Since we have an immune meta, would it hurt increase the success rate on stuns? This would increase the utility of creatures like Monostego and Diloracherius, just thought it would be worth discussing.

Edit: I had previously used the word “boost” instead of “increase.” Let the record show that I do not endorse nor condone boosts, especially not on abilities. Thank you.


Perhaps change it on some abilities, like GSI and GSS to 100% but perhaps swap in stubs still stay the same

The problem is, if you increase the stun rate, it will push the immune meta even further. More people will stop using other creatures in favour of immune critters, ultimately making stunners more useless.

What we need is a rework of some of the totally immune creatures.


I can’t agree. Immune dinosaurs or not, the stun percentages need to drop IMO. 75% is too high and 100% on Acute Stun is far too powerful.


No, thank you.

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I think swap in stuns should be increased to 100%, would make those dinos more popular. As for the regular stun moves, I think that would be overkill.

I do think when creatures are immune to EVERYTHING, especially since boosts have started and upped their stats, they’re too powerful sometimes. But it will be SO confusing to remember which dinos are immune to what. I still have to check some Dinos stats during battle because I don’t remember it’s specific immunities.

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Nobody even uses stunners in the arena, not much of a point in nerfing them further.


Stun is essentially dead in the upper arenas. Completely agree, no need to nerf it further.

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Why is Indo immune. In the movie it was killed by a dead triceratops.

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I always face stunners. All I see is stunners. I see level einoshuchus, rixis, diloacherius, monostego, paramolyc, stegocera, and others all at above level 23

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I’m in arena 8, almost 9. Does that count as upper or mid

That is mid.

That’s mid arenas, in Aviary and higher, you don’t see those at all. Monostego you can still see because of it’s usefulness as a utility creature, but otherwise no.

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We meet different opponents then. Pretty much every team I face is control based with stun and distraction. It’s rather boring to constantly face.

Stunners are virtually nonexistant after aviary with the exceptions of Smilonemys and Monostego. The entire meta is against them.

Yeah. It’s a shame. I hardly see these 2 along with the only other good stunners: sarcorixis and phorasaura

I only got as high as low Aviary. Where I am though stun is far too common.

It starts to fizzle out. You may see a monostego here or a phorasaura there, but you see many indos, magnas, erlidoms, and maximas. This pretty much makes stunning not as good. It DOES do well with tryko and dio, but not much after that

Plenty of the meta relevant immune dinos in aviary and even lower have immunity to stuns or full immunity.

I agree that stun shouldn’t be 100%, but there’s no way 75% is too high, it’s ideal. Any less and stunning creatures would be too unreliable.