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Stun Rework

Stun needs a big rework, too many creatures are basically unusable due to this singular mechanic, even if you have a resistance to it, it can still happen. Let’s say you’re about to win, then your opponent swaps in Monolorhino, they get the stun off, they take no punishment, you lose a turn and you take damage from it. Is this fair?

So my proposal is, any stun which is tied to damage has to be below 30%, but any stun which has no damage applied to it can be a 100% chance.

In my personal opinion, stun ruins the game for me, it makes it boring and repetitive.


Overall, Stun is a very flawed mechanic in a turn-based game like JWA. Forcing your foe to completely skip a turn can be super overpowered at times. While other games like Pokémon have similar turn-skipping effects, they usually have a smaller chance of happening, and you have 6 Pokémon at your disposal so it’s not the end of the world if one of them dies. However, in JWA, creatures often to more damage percent per hit, and you lose if only 3 creatures die, meaning skipping one turn can completely change the outcome of a battle.