Stun sometimes don't stun


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Bug Description:
Okay so whenever i use my instant charge on a some dinos like the velociraptor, it shows that they get stunned but after a few seconds they’re back on their feet able to attack in that same turn again. This was a bug thats been bothering me even before the update

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
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How often does it happen:
a lot, i’d say about 2/3 stuns

What type of device are you using:
samsung galaxy s8
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


It does stun, instant stun is priority so if you use it against velociraptor who is faster than you misses that turn but cause she is faster than you she gets to attack next round before you. It may seem like it doesn’t work but it does work


After a stun you should always miss a turn. The current one or the next one, depending on who’s faster. Stun has worked correctly before but not anymore after the last update.

The second stun does not ever hold anymore for me. And just now my Stygimoloch’s stun didn’t hold on Velociraptor.


You’re wrong :slight_smile:


The OP obviously has it wrong, but, I do believe there is a bug… wait a bug in JWA? You can’t be serious… a bug with the stun animation.

First we used to see this:

  • Dino carries out stun attack, before dino is hit you would notice some dinos show the stunned appearance before the attack. Since 1.4 update this appears to have stopped happening.

Now, I have been noticing this:

  • Dino carries out stun attack, dino gets stunned and has stunned appearance. Next turn, dino carries out another stunned attack against the already stunned dino, and for a moment the stunned symbol appears again above the dinos head briefly giving the impression it was stunned again, but then disappears, giving the further impression the stun bugged.

Bug after bug after bug after bug after bug after bug… you get the gist.


There is a bug… but just not what she’s saying


You are assuming you know what she (or he?) is experiencing. She is saying second stun isn’t working, but if you look at my second bullet point it explains why people may think the second stun is not working. Don’t assume you know exactly what they are experiencing because what they have said he doesn’t specify exactly the issue.