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Stun vs Distract on counter attackers

So here is my complaint. If I have my Dio out and I get stunned (supposed to last one turn) I miss the counter, an attack, and the following counter. A “half turn” and the full next turn. 1.5 turn

So, if I have my Tenontorex out and I distract (supposed to last 2 turns) a tryko, their counter is distracted and the following attack (1 turn). THEN they typically follow up with an instant move and POOF, the distract goes away and the counter is full strength again (“half turn”). 1.5 turn

The point is, what I think of as “half-turns” with counter attackers are not equal. While the stun stays active and robs dio of a counter, the distract disappears and gives tryko back full strength.

Kind of cheap if you ask me. Or is it that “battle action” rationale I believe I read somewhere a long time ago?


I noticed this too when i started using erlikospyx and his debilitating distraction in tryko matchup. I don’t know if it works as intended, but if it’s like that the move description is wrong, because in this scenario the distraction effect lasts for two moves and NOT for two turns, as the description says.
Regarding stun, it depends if you have used one of your priority move before the opponent’s attack, and that depends also on speed. If you’re slower and don’t use a priority move with dio and you got stunned, you lose only one move and one counter. But if you use a priority move, it counts as you performed your move before the opponent, so the stun effect causes you to lose the entire turn after that one, even if you’re slower, causing you to lose also the counter. But i think this works as intended.
The distraction effect instead has something wrong in my opinion.
EDIT: In this scenario the distracting dino is faster than the other with counter attack and priority move. Never been in a scenario where it’s slower.

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What @Marco_A said. I noticed it too with my rinex.

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Then maybe I’m comparing apples to oranges, but at least I’m not the only one that thinks distract and counter attacks aren’t quite right.


You can understand it like this: the turn is affected to that of the target, not the executer. In your example, tenoto acts before tryko, tryko bites you back(note that this is not counter attack) with its damage cut into half in turn 1.
Turn 2, tryko does a overhaul ability, and this moment the target, namely tryko’s turn reaches 2, hereon ends the impact.


That’s a reasonable explanation, didn’t know that turnes regarded the single player and not the entire battle. Still think that it should be general and not singular, like every other turn-based game, but at least we know why. Thanks!


This is more in line with the “battle action” thing I heard before. Which is totally counter intuitive to me. So technically the counter attacks counts as nothing in terms of a “turn”. Which also kind of makes sense in Ludia-world, since trying to figure in counters would probably explode the game.

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