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Stun week

I found next weeks events on Facebook

Common: Tri 2
Rare Nausto
Epic: The rat

What are you catching

Also how do you rate this week

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I imagine that the Titanoboa Gen 2 Strike tower will act like The Friday epic boss strike tower. It’ll be in the market and Act as a strike on a day.

I think the Titanoboa Gen 2 strike tower will be like the Carnotarus boss strike tower.


Maybe they are doing a test for the next rare raid.

That maybe too.

I saw this going back
It’s supposed to be the first sign of rare raids and testing them and the boa 2 might be the second rare raid and the Haast eagle could leak Friday raids

I would go for,
Commons: Triceratops gen2
Rares: Dracorex
Epics: Woolly Rhino and Grypo

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Main probably just stygi but the Incs seem great need eagle pretty badly and also that Darwin in the Incs is sorely needed for vexus the alt on the other hand probably rhino and Draco

Can you please tell me what the epic strike event is it is to burrly

Woolly rhino and Haast eagle

when is jurassic world alive anniversary event

Honestly i can’t understand why they’re refuse to release a event for continental exclusives

The anniversary is mid may so I’m guessing around then

Hopefully for the anniversary there are good uniques and not bad ones

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