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Stunn do not work


Now i tried it several times in the game. I hit last and stunn the opponent and he starts next round and hit me . How is this possible


A little bit more information would be nice. What dinos were involved? Etc.


Definitely noticed a stun fail recently, not even near 75% since a week or two.




Priority moves always go first even under/after stun. So if opponent dino had Instant Charge, then it goes first even if your dino stun it. When you stun opponent dino with Instant Charge, if his/her dino is faster will go first.

Although I see some weird actions with stuns. Sometimes faster dino is stunned and skip turn, while sometimes goes first cause it’s faster.


Actually, if your dino is faster and gets stunned AFTER it has made its move, you can’t even use priority moves or any other move for that matter… If the dino is slower it won’t act in the same turn it got stunned so then it will be able to chose an action for the next turn…

The wrong thing with stuns is that you cannot stun a faster opponent two turns in a row.

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Stegoceratops is the stun king.


I’ve had a landslide of stun fails lately. Could be more noticeable since I have multiple stunners on my team, but RNG seems genuinely busted the last week or two.

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You will need to give a lot more context for us to see if it was working properly. There are many different scenarios:

  1. If you’re dino is slower and you use instant charge, your opponent will go first afterwards because they already lost a turn which your stun took away.

  2. If a faster opponent swaps into your stun, they will lose the next turn and you’ll get to move next,

  3. If a slower opponent swaps into your stun, they will lose the next turn and because you’re faster you will get to make 2 moves before they make their first move after recovering from the stun.

  4. If your opponent is faster but has been slowed by you, and then stunned, depending on whether the slowing effect has wore off yet, the opponent may or may not go first after the stun.

There are probably other scenarios too but these are the common ones.


He hits first, and after i stunn him. Then he has his move even if i have stunned him after he hit. I do not even have stunn one turn


fix it plz