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Stunned about stunning

Does anyone else find it unfitting that dinos like Paramoloch a head butting hybrid with 2 stunning moves can be stunned but the raptor/rex hybrid Indoraptor is immune to stuns. What about Thylacotator Really?

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Immunity to stun has been given to dinos to make them more relevant, not really because of their heritage (although perhaps an argument can be made for the Smilocephalosaurus line (read: Pachycephalosaurus hybrids), but there’s very little to base it off of).

In Indoraptor’s case, it was too unreliable after the dodge nerf, so two of its most important counters were nullified.
In Thylacotator’s case it was probably given to complement it’s moveset, allowing it to swap-in during moves that do high damage, stun or both. This makes it quite good, even at a considerably lower level, at countering Allosino, Thor, the ceRATopsians and Paramoloch, potentially even DC (it can’t get that free turn with Acute Stun. Perhaps this is why the Smilocephalosaurus line has it too).

For the same reason, Spinonyx and Erlikospyx are Immune to Deceleration, Geminititan is Immune to… everything, Diplovenator is Immune to stun and Distraction, etc.

I’ve always thought that immunity was dumb and too op. But I do get it. Seriously tho pro is immune to stun (pretty sure a good baseball bat hit to the head would do the trick) but a stygi isnt?

Also, immune to bleeding? What dino cant bleed? I sort of like what they are doing with the specific immunities and kind of wish they would rework other dinos. But I’m sure it would cause ramifications so I’ll deal with it

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It saddens me that Paramoloch doesn’t get the love that she should.

(cries in Tuoramoloch)


Sauropods being stunned makes about as much since as the ones that are immune to being stunned. “Ugh! You head butted my fat belly. Uh oh, I can’t move.” It’s just a game mechanic. :grin:


Makes perfect sense to me. Look at it this way Sauropods have small brains. So, you just say “come here I have a secret to tell you”. When they bend down to hear it; you headbutt then right between the eyes.

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Well guess what?

Fixed this but 1.10 did way worse things