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Stunned Dinosaurs still attacking


Anyone run to situations where you stun a dinosaur and they still attack you? I have had this happen multiple times and I don’t understand why?


Unless they’re slower and they attack next turn, that’s an odd one. Could be hackers.


Are you sure the stun didn’t fail? Either because it had a 25% chance of failing or because the opponent had immunity? Otherwise this has never happened to me, how odd


possible situation:

  1. Your dino is slower than theirs. You use inst charge which makes your dino faster for 1 turn. He stuns enemy and they are stunned this turn. Next turn, they go first because… they are faster than you.


Just fought in arena 4 this morning and had that happen to me, and my dino wasn’t even stunned! The opponent hit me, then got a second hit in and knocked me out before I could make a move.

This is either a broken bot, or someone’s exploiting a code flaw somewhere…


That can be a simple counter attack.


How can it be a counter, when I had not been stunned, and he got two moves, back to back?


A few of my dinosaurs are able to have faster moves, it looks like 2 moves but the move that I selected was only one try.


They could have used a Slow/Decelerating Move, Speed-Up Strike, or as someone said, had Counter-attack


It’s why Stegoceratops is such a solid attacker.

  1. Slow-Down
  2. Greater Stunning Strike
    Then, if Opponent is Stunned:
  3. Min. Stunning Strike.
    Then, if Opponent is Stunned
  4. Normal Strike.

That’s four attacks back to back without your opponent getting an attack. Granted, chances are slim to pull it off, but it can happen.


There are dinos that have counter attack as a passive ability. Whenever they are attacked, if not KOed they will counter with 1X attack. Normally these dinos have slow speed, hence it seems like they move twice - got attacked, counter attack, normal attack


She’s my MVP. Strong, solid defense, fast enough and stunning.