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Stunned While Evasive


This occurred to me the other day: hownis it that a stunned creature maintains its evasive stance? I have no problem that an evasive creature can be stunned, but is it’s “stance” really so evasive that while it sits there dazed and confused another creature is able to miss it entirely? It’s able to “dodge” by swaying back an forth like a drunkard?

I don’t think stun should nullify the evasive stance entirely, but while the creature is stunned it shouldn’t be able to dodge. If the evasive is still active after the stunned turn then it can still have another chance to dodge.

I think this only applies to Indoraptor at the moment, any other evasive or cloaking creatures are also immune that I can think of.

What do you think? Logically, a stunned indoraptor would not be able to dodge, right?


Can’t fault your logic - should at least reduce the percentage

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same thing sort of where you can dodge an attack but still somehow get stunned by something that never actually touched you :sweat_smile:


Came here to say this… or bled!


It’s evasive, not evasive and immune…


That’s what happens when you dodge the attack, but twist your ankle and stun yourself.

The bleed… same thing. “Oops, I scratched myself on that rock.”


But you understand how “evasive” and “stunned” are contradictory, right?


i disagree with this logic. Because i like evading when stunned. :wink: I have no good rational argument, just a standard irrational one. :smiley:


In a way, what you say has its logic, but not how it is intended. Direct damage and other effects/damage over time apply separately in this game.

To summarise, you only evade direct damage

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don’t think you can just assume self-inflicted damage every time

my indoraptor appears to be very sure footed :hugs:

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I do agree that it make sense in the way the games rules allow it, but there are a lot of things in this game that start to lose their logic when you look at it from a “real fight” perspective.

Kind of like any attack that uses a “roar” animation. Any time I see a dino get taken out by one of those I think “really?”


bleed comes from the actual attack. it’s not just a strike and then… MAGIC!.. and bleeding happens
if you dodge lethal wound, that means that attack didn’t hit you. so what are you bleeding from?


Ask a woman.



i mean we have dinos with shields, so i think we just have to take it as it is :joy:

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What, real dinosaurs weren’t able to put up force shields?


This is how I will always picture Indoraptor now. :joy:


Personally I think if you can dodge the attack you shouldn’t suffer the negative ability at all, whether it be stun, bleed or something else.


That would make sense, and it would certainly shake up the indo vs spino showdown.


Well, if we would apply real-life logic to the game, how come dinosaurs fight in tag-teams :thinking:

Or better yet, how do they force a camouflaging opponent to reveal itself :thinking:

And then there is also the Death Star forcefield, as mentioned…

If we are applying real-life logic, I demand every carnivore oneshotting Dracoce-Rat-OP-s, because it’s a baby hybrid. And any predator would instantly kill one.

(Dracorex is most likely a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus, which means Dracorex is a smol baby dino, therefore Dracoce-Rat-OP-s would be small and weak as well)


Indoraptor is obviously a drunken master to dodge while stunned.