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Stunned While Evasive

Has anyone also wondered how the short 4-legged Tragodistis is faster than many of the carnivores? :thinking:


Momentum. Thicc boi builds it up.


dont be ridiculous. even they had restrictions of what they could do with the force


looking forward to this update to add some realism to the game :eyes:

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In my head, Tragodistis can fly… or moreover… float a few inches off the ground like a hovercraft. We can’t see under that belly… you don’t know what kind of stuff is there. And it clearly explains why it’s so fast. :smiley: Aerodynamics.


That could be it! Or else it would be too funny watching a Tragodistis outrun a charging T-Rex.


As he zooms past on his hover board :joy:




I’ll follow up with :roll_eyes:

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I, Jonus, love and respect women. That is all I’d like to add to that.

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Can we talk about how diplotator is faster than everything except raptors despite its stubby legs and huge head??


Diplotator obviously can flap its horns like a hummingbird.

And hummingbirds are fast.

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I underatnd what you are asking and why this would make mroe logical sense. In terms of how the game works this would be a mess though. I left real life logic at the door where I caught a T Rex in my yard to fight other T Rexes on the interwebs. Maybe I will change that view when researchers reveal the real crit rate of a T Rex

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Dodging while stunned is the dinosaurs drunken boxing style of Kung Fu.

Most of our Dino’s are black belts but you can’t tell because they don’t need to wear them since they have no pants.

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Tragodontist is so fast because it is running for it’s life.

Would you try to escape a charging Trex at a by hopping like a rabbit … No. You’d run like you were a bad guy on cops.

2 thing that show has taught us.

Number A:

Crack heads can run very fast if not very coordinated.

Letter 2nd:

The best stories always involve a drunk guy in a muscle shirt asking “is there a problem officer”