Stunning Angers Me


I understand that stunning is a major part of battling and a lucky stun can turn the tide of battle. However I have had numerous battles now where they have used a move that has a 15% chance to stun me and I got stunned by it 3 times in a row, but have had the same person avoid getting stunned with 33% and 75% chance moves. I believe it needs to be reworked or looked at because I cannot remember the last time I successfully stunned someone while battling but can remember getting stunned by every single move that can stun me every time.

Bad Stuns

I’m just here to wait for @Myp to come bet you $100 that you’re lying :joy:


I’m only exaggerating a tiny amount. It’s not every move but close to it


same here. my 75 percent stun move on stygi works MAYBE 10 percent of the time. i had a recent battle where my dinos were stunned by the opponent’s stygi 6 times in a row…all with the basic 20 percent attack.


I’ll laugh for a month if some bug is actually discovered that affects stun chances, but noone will have taken my $100 :laughing:

As for OP’s post, he doesn’t explicitly state “my stuns never work, opponents always do” like the obvious liars. He states he’s “had numerous battles” with unlucky stun patterns. Everyone who plays enough has numerous lucky and unlucky battles, so nothing strikes me here. And then there’s what he can and can’t remember, and although it seems slippery, he’s the only one who could testify to that.


Stun seems to work just fine for me. Although, in a battle where I really need it, it seems to never take place :smile:


I don’t mind stuns working against me, it’s part of the chance in the game. What infuriates me is for the past few days none of my stuns are having any impact. I’m stunning them and it’s acknowledged that they’re stunned and then they all still attack me right after. Meanwhile stuns against me work as usual…


People gotta stop complaining about this “bug”. You were faster when you stunned, so he spent that turn being stunned. For whatever reason (probably superiority wore off) he was faster the next turn and attacked first.


It depends what you are trying to stun, a high health, high level creature is a little bit like a sumo wrestler, very hard to really stun!


I know how attacks work. Neither dino had any speed changing moves. It was straightforward attacking. He attacked, I countered with a stunning move, he was stunned and still attacked after anyway


I have an Allosaurus level 19 that is very hard to stun, far more that at level 12 for example!


Good lord, I thought I was the only one here getting tired of these posts!


I seem to get stunned multiple times in a row, but my stun on an opponent almost never works. :confused:


I’ve been counting, and over the past 14 battles, I have been out-stunned 14-3. My Stegoceratops vs their Stegoceratops is the most common stunners of course. My Stego was the higher leveled one in ever single meeting where we both had them. Every time, my stun misses, then they get 2 stubs in a row. It’s madness and really to the point of no fun.


An update: last 9 battles, I’m down 5-3 in stuns. Once again, today, it was level 16 Stegoceratops vs opponent’s level 13 Stegoceratops. I went 1st, but my stun missed, theirs hit. That’s now 5 or 6 times in a row that has happened.


Next 6 battles: 1 Stun for me, 3 for opponents. Once again, it was my level 16 Stegoceratops vs their level 14 Stegoceratops and My stun missed while theirs hit. That’s 7 times in a row, where it was Stego vs Stego, with mine higher that my stun missed while theirs worked. I’m still waiting for that RNG to even out.


Next 9 battles: 3 stuns for me. 5 for my opponents. My level 16 Stegoceratops vs their level 15 stegoceratops. My stun missed, his worked. That is 8 straight times where it was Stego vs stego, with mine the higher leveled one, where my stun missed and theirs didn’t. Don’t tell me RNG evens out.


Seeing so many people’s stuns are failing as much as mine, makes me wonder who we’ve been battling that are stunning us back to back?Is there another Ludia Forum in another dimension where all of the successful Stunners Are? Also, anyone having the same issue but with the Indominus’s Dodge lol? My stuns don’t stun, my dodge don’t dodge…most of the time.


My stun hardly works but my indom dodges almost every time :smirk:


Then it’s very likely my Indom has battled yours at some point lol.