Stunning creatures incubators look actually decent?


The stunning creatures incubator is actually looking pretty decent with rares and epics?? But when you click it only shows rare DNA ? If it has all those Dino’s in it it’s probably worth it ! There is a couple I don’t have at 6.40$ pretty decent and maybe they might start making better incubators for betters prices!

This might be a start??


The choice of Dino’s is cool but you can tell all they wanted to do was get people to buy the incubator lol and it’s working. You guys keep giving them money in the hopes they are changing but imo they won’t. Fair play to you guys though, I hope you get what it is you want from them.

P.s I like seeing how active you are in the forum community Dino Lord, keep up the good work =]


Its tough… the game is really good, and maybe eventually theyll make a few changes for the better haha


Isn’t that a new dino in there too? Dracorex I think? I too find it interesting it lists epics but only shows rare DNA. I guess if you get lucky bonus epic DNA is one of those?


It is exactly the same as the arena incubator; just ‘more’ chance to obtain one of the featured ones but instead you have to buy it vs obtain it in arena.

Blue incub always has a slight chance te give some epic DNA; never sure. I actually got some stigymoloch DNA from an incubator last week. It is the arena 3 exclusive reward. The rare one beside it perhaps is new-ish but will probably be obtainable as well; pretty certain it is the regular dracorex.


Picture is deceiving. Only guranteed some rare/common DNA with the chance of some epic I think.


This showcase only guaranteed you can get “rare and common” DNA.
And also you will have very little chance to get a small amount of Sinoceratops or Stygimoloch DNA in it.
That’s it.


Spartacus , thanks I actually enjoy this forum I was never the type for forums but I like being active I’m pretty busy a lot online in general I run a Canada wide jurassic world alive group on Facebook (new) and it’s going world wide unless they make things regional in game.

Also I run a :canada: Canada :canada: wide Pokémon go group that’s just around a month old that is getting big results almost 300 members and growing fast now .
Also I run 5 Pokémon go raid chats for Calgary that are major in the community and growing/

I’m pretty busy lol but Ive been here since before the beta and staying jurassic world alive has great features and it’s not exzactly like Pokémon go like I’m hearing it’s got so many different things. Really the map is the only thing similar and the concept a bit but jurassic world alive is climbing up and I’ll be here to post and help and voice the proper things (I try to anyways)

Thanks for that much appreciated

Btw love the name Spartacus it’s one of my favourite series and love the story’s in general about him.


Yes ABluesfan your right that’s why I asked the picture makes it seem like your getting DNA for everyone but it’s not so true which is a downer but I think this incubator is worth the 6.40$ even if random you get a lot of DNA for those Dino’s in general :+1::canada: