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Stunning Failures

Okay, so I just saw a video of a JWA player showcasing Pachycephalosaurus, and that Swap in Stun did nothing.


How? How come in the multiple times that it comes in to stun an opponent, it doesn’t even get the chance to do so? How does that 66% fail so badly?

That 66% chance of a stun is deceiving. One would think that since it’s over 50% that it would have a slightly better chance at stunning someone, but that is often not the case. Somehow, someway, that 33% pops up waaay too often and sets your dino up for failure.

Ludia should change the stunning percentage from 66% to 75% like the rest of the stunning moves. That way, for a dinosaur that doesn’t swap in and attack their opponent or defend themselves with shields, they can at least be more reliable for the moment and do what they need to do.