Stunning in Battles


I’m just wondering why sometimes in the battles when I stun the other player they still get to take the next turn. It doesn’t happen all the time but is frustrating when it does. What is the point of stunning when it doesn’t give you any help? Is there a reason this is happening? Am I missing something?


You say this doesn’t happen all the time, so when next one happen try to see if the dino you are facing has immunity, so stunning move give her damage but not the negative effect of not attack you for one turn.


If your Dino is stunned after attack. It will be stunned in next turn.
If your Dino is stunned before attack. It will only be stunned in this turn.


It will happen a lot with dinos that use superior strike. If you strike them and are currently faster, then you stun them they will be stunned on that turn only. The slowing of the strike will wear off on the next turn where they are again faster than you and will attack first. They actually did skip an attack, but because they go first on the next turn it doesnt seem like it.

To add to this: If you are slower and have a slowing move, use your stun first. Then use the slowing move (superior strike, etc). This will give you 3 attacks in a row if the stun works.