Stunning issue

So this has happened a few times. The start of a battle we are both are using the same Dino except mine is stronger. I make the first move and we trade back and forth the exact same moves. When I use my greater stunning impact his is not stunned but he used his nex and mine does get stunned. It makes no sense since my Dino is stronger.

“Strength” has nothing to do with stuns. Higher level means you will go first and you each have a 75% chance to stun if using greater stunning strike. Unfortunately for you your stun failed and his worked, that’s just RNG for you. I used to beat higher level Stegoceratops with my lower level one whenever the same happened.

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There are also times where being a slightly lower level has inherent advantages that may not always be obvious…though some are RNG dependent. Especially if its the opening round, first dino each. Stegoceratops is one of them. Yeah, you’ll get the opening Slowing Impact, and the first Greater Stunning Strike and survive. A lvl 17 vs your 18 would still be alive after Stunning Impact (if it isn’t stunned). But after that, things can shift swiftly, if RNG is on your opponents side. From there, your opponent can take you out if you get chain stunned, with your Stegoceratops never getting another move.